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Policy on the use of cookies on the site

Cookie is a data file created by a browser for a site. The browser sends it to the site server in an HTTP request when the site is opened.

A cookie is stored on your computer, tablet, phone or other device that you use to visit the site. It is used by site owners to ensure the correct operation of sites, increase work efficiency and to obtain analytical information.

We use 4 types of cookies on the site:
  • Cookies for the correct operation of the site. They allow you to navigate the site and use it. These files do not identify you as an individual. If you do not agree to use this type of file, then this may degrade the performance of the website or its components.
  • Cookies for analytics. With the help of them we learn how visitors work with the site, what pages they visit and how much time they spend on the site. They also allow us to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize site content for visitors who are interested in our advertising. These files do not identify you. Information is anonymous
  • Cookies for regular visitors. With the help of them we select the content of the site for visitors who re-visited the site. If you block them, then this can affect the functionality of the site and restrict access to information.
  • Cookies for advertising. They record information about your actions on the Internet, about visits to our sites and pages, as well as data about links and advertising that you selected to view. Thanks to this, we provide you with advertising and other product information that more closely matches your interests.

How does the information is collected and used?

We and our service providers may use cookies to:
  • Make it easier for yourself and third parties to receive information about your visits to the site.
  • Handle your orders.
  • Analyze information about your visit to pages to improve the site and understand your interests.
  • Provide advertisements, messages and content created by us and third parties on this site and other people's sites, taking into account your interests.
  • Assist you in obtaining the necessary information.

How long cookies files are stored on your device?

Some cookies are valid from the moment you log in to the end of your browsing experience. When you close the browser, these files become unnecessary and are automatically deleted. These cookies are called "session cookies."

Some cookies are stored on the device between browser sessions. These cookies are called persistent cookies. The shelf life of persistent cookies on the device depends on their functions.

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