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Driver for the International Committee of the Red Cross Organisation

Код вакансии: DRC

HR-Consulting Srl on behalf of its client - an international NGO "The International Committee of the Red Cross" is looking for a highly professional candidate to fulfill the position of a Driver.

The Light Vehicles Driver transports people and goods safely and promptly, per ICRC rules and regulations and national traffic laws.

Functional Responsibilities:
  • Drives light vehicles to transport people and/or materials strictly following internal security rules and national traffic laws.
  • Constantly monitors security conditions on the road.
  • Ensures that goods are stored inside the vehicle according to local, international, and ICRC safety standards (attachment and distribution of goods, etc.).
  • Checks their assigned vehicle(s)' equipment, general functioning, and body condition and ensures that it is kept fuelled and clean inside and out.
  • Checks that trips have been authorized where necessary.
  • Immediately reports accidents, defects, and missing equipment to management.
  • Can act as head of the convoy as needed (in charge of the driver(s), application of security rules, and time frame for the convoy).

  • Good command (spoken and written) of Russian/Romanian;
  • Good knowledge of the area of assignment;
  • Driving license B (BE, B1) held for at least five years;
  • Driving license in category heavy vehicle (truck/more than 11 seats) is an asset;
  • Basic knowledge of mechanic and automobile maintenance experience (oil checks, changing tires, etc.) 

Join us to have:
  • Private Medical Assurance;
  • Salary based on your expectations;
  • Full-time opportunity;
  • Experience working in an international nonprofit organization.


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