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Key Account Manager (Sales Manager)

Код вакансии: KAMVB

Job Summary (position’s main function)
Key Account Manager is responsible for sales in distribution channels, and managing all the related processes.

Detailed Job Responsibilities & Tasks (grouped in blocks):

Sales Strategy & Business Development
  • Development of management and stretch plans for year including seasonality trends, SWOT analysis, overview and adjustment general conditions for partners based on market environment;
  • Current distribution channels analysis, coordination their work with distributor, CRM with main channel Owners and Key Managers;
  • Developing of alternative open market channels.

Accounts Management
  • CRM with accounts' Owners and Key Managers; updating customer database with actual information;
  • Signing and prolonging contracts of distributors;
  • Distributor channel management (# of distributors, pricing policy, plans and bonus systems);
  • AR and CL control and adjustment based on partners sales capability, creation of release after receiving orders from customers adjusting it to current availability, assigning coop funds, other bonuses and discounts according to performance and sales results of each customer.

Product Management: Marketing, Planning & Pricing
  • Product marketing: PVI (web site update for products), detailed, product line-up, launching plan, sales point. Self-develop relevant marketing and product marketing knowledge and skills;
  • On the basic of GSBN data, accumulated data from wholesale and retail and own expert guess, updating DP according to realistic data and real launching time of new models and variations;
  • P/O price negotiation with HQ. Price list creating according to HQ admin guideline, guideline for SEUC margin (based on simulation) and status of models life cycle;
  • Special deals/prices negotiations.
Targets control
  • Reaching KPI targets;
  • Sales plans setting in accordance with previous years’ results and market environment and sales targets to be achieved, adjusting them according to real situation on the market, initiating Promos and Coop campaigns in case of low sales trends after negotiation with customers;
  • Meeting HQ and SEUC guideline for old stock and stock level in general;
  • Analysis of customers PSI and forecast against market demand for models, decreasing demand of models with big stock, special deal for stock cleaning;
  • GSBN PSI control for open market distributors.

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