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Managing Editor

Код вакансии: ME

HR-Consulting Srl on behalf of its client, international media company, is looking for a highly professional candidate to fulfill the position of Managing Editor.
• Coordinates assignments and evaluates work of service staff as well as that of bureau employees and stringers. Trains new staff. Performs other related duties associated with day-to-day operational requirements, as required, incl. performance reviews and management of staff.
• Takes the lead in creating a supportive environment, encouraging initiative, participation, and open communication within the team.
• Participates as required as an RFE/RL’s journalist as suitable to broadcast programs and the press.
• Leads the daily editorial meetings with staff to elicit and identify coverage.
• Coordinates planning with Prague, striving for efficiency in the use of journalistic resources and capacity.
• Maintains RFE/RL's editorial standards of output on all platforms (e.g. radio, TV, site, social and messaging services), ensuring quality and timeliness of all contributions.
• Explores innovative angles for coverage, ensuring relevance to local audiences.
• Develops/provides editorial guidance for and supervises the Service’s online input from the bureau.
• Sets expectations for staff for best practice journalism. Monitors and gives guidance on work in progress, and gives immediate, fair, and constructive feedback to journalists and journalistic support staff. Holds regular evaluations of broadcasts.
• Sets and enforces deadlines and contribution length.
• Monitors the electronic and online media environment in the field of operation in order to ensure suitability of the Service's output to the local media culture.
• Edits, or supervises the editing of, all content as relevant including multimedia.
• Initiates program ideas. Develops and produces original material and compiles and edits scripts from source materials and staff for regularly scheduled, complex programming.
• May develop program line-up and ensures a balanced presentation.
• Works with production staff to obtain best use of production techniques.
• Routinely works on or directs the coverage of special events.
• Explores innovative angles for coverage, ensuring relevance to local audiences.
• May work as correspondent and reporter on assignment, determining focus of reports
• May Conduct or assign interviews, participates in, leads, organizes on-air discussions.
• Directs and monitors the Service’s multimedia content production in line with service content strategy to connect with target audiences.
Minimum qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, or related field or the equivalent in experience is preferred
  • Adequate journalistic experience in digital media and/or TV, spanning a minimum of 10 years, with experience working for at least 5 years as a full-time editor, responsible for every aspect of coverage, from assigning and supervising a team of reporters to editing the final product, ideally in an international multimedia organization.
  • Proven production and management experience of at least 5 years in a position of a manager with a full responsibility of people management.
  • Previous experience working in a multicultural or a multinational environment is preferred.
  • Romanian, native language proficiency.
  • English language – advanced; fluency in written and spoken English for the smooth functioning of operations and coordination with Prague. Mandatory
  • Russian conversational proficiency strongly desired. 


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