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Public Affairs Manager

Код вакансии: PAM

Public Affairs Manager

Job description:
 The role is responsible for anticipating, assessing and shaping the operating environment in which business, employees, customers and competitors are seated.  You will deal with regulatory, anti-illegal trade, taxation, communications and sustainability strategies development and deployment in line with business philosophy, values and mission.  Furthermore, you will organize and attend public and private events, represent the Company in a wide array of areas and will build a solid professional network aimed at fostering a reputation of a responsible member of the community in which we operate.

Candidate’s profile:
  • University or postgraduate degree in social, political or science, including law, economics, business administration or another relevant field;
  • With at least 1 year of sound professional experience in a similar role with international exposure, a ministerial or parliamentary office, a consulting firm (public affairs, advocacy, media relations, finance) or with a media organization;
  • In good understanding of the public policy development process and implementation mechanisms;
  • Having excellent knowledge of national and international political and economic context;
  • Experienced in dealing with public authorities and/or managing relationships with external partners;
  • Solid communicator with interpersonal/networking skills;
  • Able to work in teams and with cross-functional assignments;
  • Flexible, adaptable, culture sensitive with one team mindset;
  • Proficient in Finance and/or Media Relations;
  • Fluent in Romanian, English and Russian languages;
  • Creative with writing abilities;
  • Result-driven with Planning & Organizing skills;
  • Desiring to continuously develop and live immersive experiences.
Company offers:
  • Lunch tickets;
  • Medical and Life Insurance;
  • Financial Reward Programs;
  • Flexible Working;
  • Extensive Sport and Wellbeing Agenda;
  • Learning and Development programs.

Interested candidates may send CV to HR-Consulting email address: tv10@search4staff.com 
For more information, please call: 060 422 844

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