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About us

About us

Finding solutions, creating opportunities

The company HR-Consulting was founded in 1995 and it was based on a simple idea – to help companies in searching for professional employees.

Today we strive not only to search the talent for our clients but also we are trying to develop their staff, help our clients to focus on their core business by offering them several outsourcing services in the HR management field.
HR Consulting is trying to meet and personalize every need of our clients and candidates, so we can establish a sustainable relationship between all the players of the labor market and build lasting bridges between the two sides.

​​​​​​​Today, we pride ourselves in being the first recruiting agency in Republic of Moldova that launched not only the Recruiting Services but also HR Consulting is the first agency that implemented and offers a wide variety of services as Personnel Leasing, Payroll Administration, management of personnel files and Salary/Compensation Surveys thus completing the entire portfolio of HR services.

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