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Personnel Leasing

Personnel Leasing


years of experience
For over 18 years we have been providing this service and we have accumulated a rich experience, which allows us to satisfy the demands of the clients in a professional way.
In 2019, over 470 employees of our clients were registered in our company.
from 1 to 70
Our portfolio includes both projects: with 1 employee and projects with more than 70 employees each.

Personnel Leasing

We help our clients to focus on their business, undertaking obligations for official employment of a specific number of employees for our clients.
Using our services, a client can hire employees without creating a legal unit. And clients who are registered in the Republic of Moldova have the opportunity to be more flexible in the implementation of their personnel policy, by carrying out official employment of part of their employees through our company.



We work with small, medium-sized businesses and large corporations in various industries, from IT to production. We are open for cooperation with international and national enterprises.

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