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Personnel administration

Personnel administration


Years of experience
For over 11 years we have been providing this service to our customers.

Personnel administration

In the small companies, managing personnel files has often been a responsability delegated to the accountant or simply not administrated in a proper way. The consequences of incorrect administration of personnel files can lead to very serious and unpleasant, damaging factors for a business. 

Our company offers the Personnel Files Administration service, provided by our HR Specialist with an extensive experience in this field, who will take the role of HR Specialist in your company.

Our experience and the knowledge gained in this field allows us to:

  • To offer competent and professional service in this field
  • To help our Employer to minimize the risc in the Human Resources Management
  • To guide and consult Employer on different Personnel Files Administration issues


We work with small, medium-sized businesses and large corporations in various industries, from IT to production. We are open for cooperation with international and national enterprises.

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