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Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection


<4 days
To provide candidates
For most positions, we need less than 4 days to recommend the first candidates
fee refund
If the hired candidate does not meet your expectations
25 years
In the field of recruitment
We have accumulated vast experience in the search and selection of professionals from various industries and for various positions
4-8 months
Warranty Period

Recruitment and Selection

Starting from the very beginning the HR-Consulting Consultants aim at selection of the best professionals who can considerably strengthen our client’s business.
Being the first Moldavian recruitment company, we have accumulated a vast experience in selection of employees for different fields of activity, positions and clients, , either international nor local, either big nor small one. HR-Consulting has a database of qualified specialists that is highly rated and has a positive reputation on the market of professionals that allows us to attract the best candidates for open positions.
We always try to respond promptly to our Clients’ requests and to perform an accurate and professional search, selection and recommendation of candidates. HR-Consulting Consultants are focused on search of professionals in the following domains:

  • Executive Search
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finances, Accounting
  • Logistics/Distribution
  • Informational technologies and telecommunications
  • Human resources management
  • Production
  • Ingineering
  • Agriculture
  • Legal
  • Administrative staff


We work with small, medium-sized businesses and large corporations in various industries, from IT to production. We are open for cooperation with international and national enterprises.

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