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Memo to the Applicant

Memo to the Applicant

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Memo to the Applicant

In order to compete for vacancies, which is of your interest and  for which you comply with, you should send your resume to our address.

Please be assured, that all resumes received to our address are considered by the HR-Consulting team and are professionally examined to candidate’s compliance with vacancy requirements. Should the Recruitment Consultant  consider a candidate addressing his/her resume complying with vacancy criteria, she or he will get in touch with such candidate by telephone or by e-mail.

Should the Candidate fail to comply with vacancy requirements, OR the Applicant is overqualified for the applied position; the Candidate might not be informed about  the negative result due to the large amount of work of the Recruitment Consultant. We rely upon your understanding. Should you still be interested why we do not get in contact with us, simply call us.

Even though our Recruitment Consultant has not contacted you, we urge you to follow our job announcements and send your CV for another available positions.

Should you be a qualified expert in the field that are in a scarce demand in Moldova, for example: in the management, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, executive staff, information technologies, jurdisprudence, human resources, ingineering, production, administrativ personnel- please send us your resume to be input into our data bank and one of our Recruitment Consultant will be able to call you  for a vacant position independently.

Should you have any additional questions, you are always free to get in contact with us by telephone 20 91 33, and by e-mail: inbox@search4staff.com.

Important: All submitted resumes are considered on confidential base. No information is transferred to employer without prior consent of candidate. Should you happen to still have some questions as to confidentiality issue, you are welcome to call us by the number 20 91 33.

We would like ensure our candidates  that HR-Consulting does not collect any fee from candidates for providing the possibility to compete for vacancies, as well as in case when you find a job with our assistance.

Thank you for being with us! We wish you a great successful career!

HR Consulting team

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