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Automotive Days 2018

             Between 29-30 May, HR-Consulting team visited Automotive Days in Moldova 2018. The event is the most important one in the automotive industry, which aims to bring together all stakeholders in the industry, including the Government, business, multinationals, professionals to discuss the trends and challenges faced by the auto industry parts at regional and national level, setting the premises for a sustainable entrepreneurial environment for the development of the sector and attracting investments.

               At the event, Fiodor Macari, HR-Consulting Manager, explained the potential of the labor force of the Republic of Moldova, telling through practical examples what has been achieved in the last years, what was successful and of course - which directions has been not explored yet.

               Being on the Moldovan market for more than 20 years HR-Consulting’s experience can serve not only like a model but can dynamically illustrate the trends and needs of the market. We are glad that, in addition to the trustworthy partners with whom we work with respect, at the event we met other investors. We will work hard with them and we will find the most suitable candidates for the specifics of their service.

               The purpose of the event is to develop an international annual platform for national and international actors, public and private entities, international partners and diplomatic staff to promote the potential of the Moldovan auto parts industry worldwide.


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